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Cleopatra rest

Cleopatra rest for 4 hours
Cleopatra rest for the whole day

We provide a separate room (with bathroom) for our guests, where they can relax in an idyllic environment.
The room has an extra large double bed, a ceiling solarium above the bed, a whirlpool bath and a massage bed.
The price of a Cleopatra room includes: a combined double bath pass, bath salt and fruit,
soft drinks and champagne.

The exclusive relaxation room of Aquascape is the Cleopatra Relaxation Room, which offers complete recharging and sensual pampering to guests who wish to renew their body and soul. Of course, guests using the relaxation room also have unlimited access to the other two areas of the Spa – the Experience Bath and the Wellness World. To further pamper guests and create a pleasant atmosphere, we offer champagne and fruit. We also provide guests with soft, body-warming towels and bathrobes. The break is available by reservation, which can also be made by telephone.
The Queen’s Rest can be rented for 4 hours or for the whole day.


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