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Sauna seance with beer: The sauna master spreads beer on the stove, thus making fresh baking bread aroma filling the air. The vitamins E and D found in beer are released, which get the skin silky.

Sauna seance with vitamins: In the extreme environment of the sauna, our body protects itself by sweating, and many minerals leave the body. For pouring orange-, eucalyptus- or lemon oil is mixed into the water.

The sauna master serves the guests fresh fruit at the end of the sauna because the vitamins are better absorbed at this time.

Sauna seance with ice: Because of the hot air of the Finnish sauna and the opposite effect of ice, and the sauna master’s technique, the cold sweat running down on the back of the guests causes a refreshing sensation and releases happy hormones.

Sauna seance with salt: Following a short pre-sweating, guests rub their wet skin with the refined salt provided by the sauna master. Using sea salt as natural body scrub, guests can remove dead and swollen cells, and 3 million sweat glands become much more active. This kind of seance is highly effective, if combined with honey seance.

Sauna seance with honey: By combining the warmth of the Finnish sauna and the beneficial effect of flower honey with the artistic work of the sauna master, our skin breathes, becomes silky and is reborn after our body is smeared with honey.

Sauna seance with aphrodisiacs: We use aromas and fruits that act as natural aphrodisiacs on our body. We mix mood-enhancing and invigorating essential oils into the water used for pouring. The sauna master serves the guests fresh fruit that increase desire and blood circulation.

Chocolate pouring in the steam bath: The chocolate cream is used during the 15–20-minute pouring in the steam bath, because the ingredients penetrate the skin very well due to the smooth moisture and heat. The result is a very smooth, well-groomed, silky, soft skin. Chocolate contains more than 300 valuable ingredients, cell-building substances, protein, essential fatty acids, minerals, polyphenols, which help prevent skin aging.

By adding natural cocoa butter and almond milk, we nourish the skin with essential fats and moisture. Tired and dry skin relaxes.

Pourings (seances) take place in the Finnish sauna and steam cabin at pre-announced times.

Healthy people over the age of 16 can only participate in the program.

You can only participate in the seances without wearing a swimsuit and only in the sheets provided by Aquasziget for the following reasons: A swimming suit is not as good heat conductor as human skin. In most cases, the composition of the swimsuit is a synthetic material under which red spots, skin redness and even inflammation can occur.

For the duration of the chocolate pouring, we give each guest a single-use sheet because the chocolate body wrap cannot be washed from other textiles.

The participants will receive the necessary accessories (salt, honey, etc.) for sauna seances and steam cabin pouring from the sauna master.

After the show, showering and cooling down the body is highly recommended.


Take a sauna and steam bath without swimsuit and slippers!

The most important counterargument is not to breath the chemical substances (algae inhibitor, chlorine, etc.) which evaporate in the extreme environment of the sauna (at 94°C) from the wet swimsuit. For the same reason, leave outside your slippers too because it also starts to evaporate due to the heat (glue, plastic).

In most cases, the swimsuit is made of synthetic material. It heats up better in the sauna, absorbs sweat, inhibits the normal defences of the skin (heat congestion occurs).

Under the swimsuit tiny red spots, skin redness or even inflammation can occur.

A swimsuit is not as good conductor of heat as human skin.

Enter the sauna with dry body!

If our body is wet, sweating will start much later and harder since the wet surface causes heat removal.

For the same reason, it is not good to drip water on the floor of the sauna or on the seat, because it cools down the temperature of the sauna to a small extent and may disturb others from sweating.

Spread the sheet completely on the sauna bench!

For our own and others hygiene, please remember to spread and sit on a sheet placing your feet on it as well. In this way we can avoid our sweat dripping on the bench or on somebody else.

Do not shake off the sweat in crowded saunas and steam baths!

At that time, the pouring and the sauna program had already started. By opening the door, we disturb the work of the sauna master and the self-absorbed relaxation of others.

Do not leave the sauna program and the steam bath only if you feel not well.

If you have gone out once, do not go back again, because you will disturb the program.

Showing strong emotions is not appropriate in public saunas and steam baths!

After the sauna and steam bath do not leave a mess behind!

This is how we ensure pleasant relaxation for others.


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