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From May 2024, we will be waiting for our guests in Aquasziget with an exclusive Turkish bath – hammam!

Hammam is a centuries-old relaxing and cleansing ritual that is becoming increasingly known and popular throughout the world. This is not a classic thermal bath, as here, in a warm, humid environment with a unique atmosphere, a complete cleansing takes place through scrubbing, soaping, spraying with water and massage.
During the procedure, the guest’s body is first warmed up on a heated marble bed, and then peeled. Then the body wash with olive foam soap and air pillow wash takes place combined with special stretching and relaxing massage techniques. During therapy, we keep the guest’s skin moisted by spraying it with warm water. The longest procedure includes washing hair with olive shampoo and a scalp massage. After a deeply relaxing treatment of 75, 90 and 105 minutes, we offer guests apple tea and a premium relaxation bed.

Packages (includes entrance ticket to Wellness World):

• 75 minutes: spraying, scrubbing, soaping, back massage 15-20 minutes. Price: HUF 29,900 / person. (HUF 44,900 /2 people).
• 90 minutes: spraying, scrubbing, soaping, whole body massage. Price: HUF 34,900 / person. (HUF 51,900 / 2 people).
• 105 minutes: spraying, scrubbing, soaping, full body massage, hair wash and scalp massage. Price: HUF 39,900 / person. (HUF 59,900 / 2 people).
Procedures are carried out individually; for paired procedures we announce special days.
Treatments can be booked from Monday to Thursday – at least 48 hours in advance – and from Friday to Sunday – depending on capacitation – with immediate registration! You can register appointment at Aquasziget Wellness reception or by calling +36 20 416 3600!


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