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Sauna infusion and rules

1. Sauna Infusions:

Beer Infusion:

  • The sauna master pours beer onto the stove, filling the sauna with a scent reminiscent of freshly baked bread. The beer releases vitamins E and D, which contribute to smooth skin.

Vitamin Infusion:

  • In the sauna’s extreme environment, our bodies sweat to defend themselves, leading to the loss of various minerals. Orange, eucalyptus, or lemon oil is mixed into the water used for infusions. The sauna master offers guests fresh fruits at the end of the session as vitamins are better absorbed at this time.

Icy Infusion:

  • Thanks to the intense, hot air of the Finnish sauna and the contrasting effect of ice, repeated pleasant shivers run through the body, releasing happiness hormones.

Salt Infusion:

  • The sauna master rubs our sweaty skin with sea salt, helping eliminate dead skin cells and activating 3 million sweat glands. It is recommended to participate in the honey infusion afterward.

Honey Infusion:

  • Combining the warmth of the Finnish sauna with the beneficial effects of flower honey, the sauna master’s artistic work revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin after applying honey.

Aphrodisiac Infusion:

  • Natural aromas and fruits are used, acting as natural aphrodisiacs. Essential oils with mood-enhancing and invigorating effects are mixed into the water for infusions. The sauna master treats guests with fresh fruits that enhance desire and circulation.

Chocolate Infusion in the Steam Bath:

  • Chocolate cream is applied during the 15-20 minute infusion in the steam bath. Due to the uniform moisture and heat, the ingredients penetrate the skin, resulting in very smooth, well-maintained, velvety, soft skin. Chocolate contains over 300 valuable components, including cell-building materials, proteins, essential fatty acids, minerals, and polyphenols, helping prevent skin aging. By adding cocoa butter and almond milk, the skin is nourished with essential fats and moisture. Tired and dry skin gets a rest.

2. Sauna Show and Steam Infusion Participation Rules:

  • Inquire about the participation fee for the sauna show and steam infusion at the Wellness World reception.
  • The sauna show takes place in the Finnish sauna of the Wellness World, and the steam infusion takes place in the Steam Cabin at the specified times.
  • Only healthy adults over 16 years old can participate in the program.
  • Participants must join the infusions without swimwear, wearing only the sheets provided by Aquasziget for the following reasons:
    • Swimwear is not as good a heat conductor as human skin.
    • Swimwear is often made of synthetic material, which can cause skin rashes, redness, and even inflammation.
    • During the chocolate infusion, each guest is provided with a disposable sheet, as chocolate body packs cannot be washed out of other textiles.

Participants will receive the necessary accessories for the sauna show and steam infusion (salt, honey, etc.) from the sauna master.

  • It is possible to use higher-efficiency cosmetics, which can be purchased from the Wellness receptionist.
  • Showering and cooling the body after the show are strongly recommended.

3. Etiquette During Infusions:

  • Sauna and steam bath without swimwear and slippers!
  • It is crucial not to inhale the chemical substances evaporating from wet swimwear in the extreme sauna environment (at 94°C). Slippers should also be left outside the sauna before entering, as they will also start to evaporate due to the heat (glue, plastic).
  • Swimwear is often made of synthetic material, which heats up more in the sauna, absorbs sweat, and hinders the skin’s natural defense processes (heat congestion occurs).
  • Skin irritation, redness, and inflammation can occur under swimwear.
  • Swimwear is not as good a heat conductor as human skin.
  • Enter the sauna with a dry body!
  • If our body is wet, sweating will start much later and more difficultly since the wet surface causes heat dissipation.
  • It is not good to drip water on the sauna floor or benches, as this slightly cools the sauna temperature and disturbs others in sweating.
  • Completely spread the sheet on the sauna bench!
  • Sit down so that there is also a sheet under your feet to prevent our sweat from dripping onto the bench or even someone else.
  • In crowded saunas and steam baths, do not shake off sweat!
  • Because our sweat can splash onto another guest.
  • If the “Please, do not enter!” sign is hanging!
  • At this point, the infusion and sauna program have already begun. Opening the door disturbs the sauna master’s work and the relaxation of others.
  • Do not leave the sauna program and steam infusion unless you feel unwell.
  • Once we have left, we should not go back again, as this disrupts the program.
  • Expressing strong emotions is not appropriate in public saunas and steam baths!

After sauna and steam bathing, leave the area clean!

  • This ensures pleasant relaxation for others.

Enjoy your relaxation!


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