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House rules

  1. All the facilities of the SPA can be used only of own risk and responsibility.
  2. Entrance to the SPA area is possible only with valid entrance tickets.
  3. The entrance “watch” and ticket issued at the cash desk are valid only on the day of the issue and entitle to one entry.
  4. Guests will be informed about the actual prices and opening hours on a board next to the main entrance and from the price list.
  5. Children under the age of 6 and children who are unable to swim under the age of 14 may enter the SPA only if accompanied by an adult.
  6. The SPA cannot be used by: febrile patients, infectious patients, guests with open wounds, drunk guests, persons under the influence of drugs or intoxicants.
  7. The use of relaxation pools, thermal pools are contraindicated in the following cases: severe heart, circulatory and respiratory failure, incontinence, malignant tumor disease, acute inflammatory disease, tuberculosis, thrombosis, severe varicose veins, and pregnancy.
  8. The use of relaxation pools and thermal pools are not recommended under the age of 14!
  9. Recommended maximum stay in the relaxation pools and thermal pools is 30 minutes.
  10. The jacuzzi can accommodate up to 8 people at a time.
  11. Certain treatments are available only based on medical examination, advice.
  12. The instructions of lifeguards and pool guards must be followed by all bathers.
  13. Use of showers and footbaths are mandatory before using the pools.
  14. The relaxing beds in the SPA area can be used as intended purpose by all Guests free of charge. The relaxing beds are available only till our stock lasts.
  15. Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking areas of the SPA, next to the Buffet on the terrace and next to the main entrance! Smoking inside the building is completely forbidden!
  16. Food consumption allowed only in the restaurant area and on the outdoor terrace.
  17. Using of sharp and fragile objects in- and around the pools are FORBIDDEN and carries risk of an accident.
  18. Pets are not allowed in the SPA area, except for blind guide dogs.
  19. In the SPA area use of slippers is obligatory.
  20. The slide can be used for everyone at their own risk. The slide can be used only for those guests, who reach a shoulder height of 100 cm. Pools deeper than 1.5 meters – where the deep water sign is marked – can be used only by our guests who able to swim.
  21. Outdoor and indoor children’s pools are suited for children only. Adults should only be in the pools when justified.
  22. The services of Sauna world can be used only with sauna – and combined tickets.
  23. Use of photo and video recording equipments (camera, camcorder, mobile phone) in the saunas are not permitted.
  24. In case of buying a Family ticket, the beneficiary can be only 2 adults, the parents, the grandparents or legal representatives of the child(ren).
  25. We do not take any responsibility for damages or accidents resulting from the fault of the Guest or the improper use of the facilities.
  26. By perception of any extraordinary incidence – personal injury, fire, presence of an accidental device or object – please notify the staff.
  27. Pools should be used only in appropriate swimsuits!
  28. In order to protect the values, please use our value preservers. We do not take any responsibility for items placed in lockers or left unattended in the SPA area.
  29. The equipments of the facility shall be used according to their intended purpose. Whoever causes damage intentionally or through careless behaviour, the Operator may demand compensation for the damage. Anyone attempting to use a service without redeeming a ticket, may count with an initiate infringement proceedings by the Company.
  30. In the SPA area illegally staying person (without a valid ticket) beyond redeeming the daily ticket, may be required to pay a surcharge of HUF 5,000. In case of littering and pollution in landscaped areas, as well as in pools, beyond the costs of cleaning and water purification, an additional fee of HUF 5,000 may be charged.
  31. The Customer Book (Complaint Book) stands at the reception for the Guests disposal. According to the relevant rules the Operators director is obliged to investigate the complaint, remarks and proposals, or to act on the basis thereof. For other comments, the Guestbook stands for the Guests disposal.
  32. With loudness and immoral behavior please do not disturb the other guests tranquility! Those who despite repeated warnings do not follow the SPA House rules, the lifeguards and the pool masters can ask for leaving.
  33. To keep the House rules is a mandatory for all Guests staying in the SPA area.
  34. Use of the services constitutes the simultaneous acceptance of House rules.
  35. It is FORBIDDEN to wear street shoes in the pool area!
  36. The cash desk closes 30 minutes before the end of the opening hours.




  1. Children can only use the services of the playroom under parental supervision. Children can only stay in the playroom under the supervision of a parent, we only provide care for children under pre-agreed conditions!
  2. The playroom can be used by children up to 4 years of age.
  3. We do not take responsibility for injuries and their consequences that arise as a result of improper use of toys. Those who deliberately damage toys are financially responsible for the damage caused. We do not take responsibility for accidents resulting from non-compliance with the rules.
  4. Please protect the tools and objects in the playroom together with your child and keep them clean.
  5. In any case, after the child has finished playing, put the toys back in the indicated place.
  6. Please do not bring jewellery, expensive clothes, or valuable home toys. We cannot take responsibility for items left or brought in the playroom, and for accidents caused by them. Items inappropriate for children’s age, sharp, aggressive, weapon-like, scary toys are not allowed.
  7. To preserve the health of other children, please do not bring children with disease symptoms (fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.) or still recovering children into the playroom, and do not bring medicine, including nose drops, eye drops, or ointments. If an illness, fever, or accident occurs while in the playroom, the accompanying parent will be immediately notified.
  8. It is forbidden to bring food and drink into the playroom, eating and drinking in the playing areas is strictly prohibited.
  9. Chewing gum in the playroom is FORBIDDEN due to the risk of accidents!
  10. Shoes are not allowed in the playroom area. The use of socks or textile slippers is mandatory for hygiene reasons and to avoid accidents!
  11. The shoes and clothes of children and their companions must be left in the place designed for this purpose, but we cannot take responsibility for the items placed here. Guests can leave their valuables at the reception free of charge.
  12. If you notice or experience any problems, please inform our staff or the reception immediately. We welcome your suggestions and advice at any time.
  13. Children should only play with toys suitable for their age group and development.
  14. For the sake of safer play, we ask older children and their companions to pay close attention to smaller children!
  15. A child who causes behaviour issues or poses a threat to other children or uses the toys improperly may be ordered to leave the playroom.

Aquasziget Fitness House Rules

  1. The fitness room of Aquasziget Esztergom Spa can only be used at the guest’s own risk and responsibility.
  2. Children under the age of 16 may only stay in the fitness room under parental supervision.
  3. When entering the room, the condition of the machines and equipment must be checked. Any technical error, unsafe conditions or damaged equipment must be reported immediately to the staff who will take appropriate action.
  4. Use exercise machines, dumbbells, and equipment only for their intended purpose, and at your own risk and responsibility according to your health, shape and fitness.
  5. Before entering the fitness room, the guest must fill out a declaration, in which accepts, acknowledges, and complies with the rules of the fitness room and its contents.
  6. After use, please put the machines and tools, dumbbells to their indicated place and return them to their original position.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to drop the dumbbells on the floor.
  8. To maintain hygiene and a pleasant environment, please use towels and after use, disinfect the affected surfaces of machines and devices.
  9. Drinks can only be brought in bottles with a lid or controlled spout, please refrain from bringing in food!
  10. In the event of an accident, inform the staff immediately.
  11. Appropriate sports clothing (sports shoes, singlet, T-shirt, sports pants) is always required of participating guests throughout the facility. Training in slippers, sandals or bare feet is not allowed. The use of street shoes is prohibited.
  12. Before starting the training, a thorough warm-up is recommended.
  13. We do not take responsibility for items left in the room.
  14. The participant is liable for the damages caused.
  15. Please refrain from using mobile phones in order to safely continue sports activities and to avoid disturbing the peaceful exercise of others.
  16. The capacity of the fitness room is 8 people.
  17. Any employee can ask the participant to use the equipment in the room properly.

Ignorance of the policy does not exempt anyone from complying with it.

Validity (beginning of validity): 22nd December 2021.


We wish you a pleasant time! Have a good workout!

Aquasziget management


Wellness World House Rules

1.The services of the Wellness World can be used at your own risk and responsibility.

2.The saunas can only be used in accordance with the posted general sauna rules, at your own risk.

  1. Wellness World’s services can only be used for their intended purpose.
  2. Children under the age of 16 and guests with fever and infectious diseases are not allowed to enter the Wellness World area.
  3. Slippers are mandatory in the locker room and shower area, as well as in the sauna lobby. You cannot step on the sauna benches in slippers.
  4. The Wellness World is a naturist area, swimsuits are not allowed in the saunas. (Sheets are provided for all guests.)
  5. You cannot use your own towel in the Wellness World saunas for hygiene reasons. The sauna services can only be used with the sheets provided by the spa.
  6. We ask our guests to always place the sheet provided by the spa below the entire body surface, which comes into contact with the sauna bench. Sitting nude without a towel on sauna benches is not permitted.
  7. Saunas where swimsuits are allowed: rose sauna (upstairs) and infrared sauna (on the ground floor opposite the jacuzzi).
  8. The Relaxation bubble pool can be used only without swimsuit for hygiene reasons.
  9. The Wellness World entrance fee includes unlimited consumption of mineral water (from a vending machine located at rest). HUF 200 must be paid for each additional sheet at the reception.
  10. The Wellness World’s solarium and massage treatments are available for a separate fee to use.
  11. Please report any problems to the reception in order to fix them as soon as possible.
  12. IT IS PROHIBITED in the Wellness World area:
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption,
  • All activities that fall outside the scope of Wellness World services, are against the law or violate public morals.
  • Taking in any dangerous and flammable substances and/or objects (explosives, pyrotechnic devices, weapons) or animals.
  1. Wellness World’s services can only be used during opening hours (unless the operator has given prior permission on the contrary).
  2. Guests of the Wellness World are obliged to leave the area on time, taking into account the closing time.
  3. Our colleagues are entitled to warn the guest in case of disregarding the points of the House Rules or the generally accepted rules of conduct, and in case of ineffectiveness, ask the guest to leave. In cases where Wellness World’s employees exceed their authority to take action, they are entitled to request the help of the management, the police or other authorities, whose instructions have to be followed by everyone involved. The expelled guest who violates the rules may not make any claims against the operator.
  4. In the area of Wellness World, all guests are bound to observe order and cleanliness. Respect for other guests and civilized behaviour are basic expectations.
  5. Aquasziget Esztergom assumes no responsibility for damage to persons or property if they are caused by non-compliance with the House Rules or irresponsible behaviour of the guests.
  6. It also assumes no responsibility for items left in the Wellness World area and in lockers.
  7. In other cases, the general policy of Aquasziget Esztergom shall govern.
  8. The management of Aquasziget Esztergom may amend or supplement the House Rules at their own discretion.
  9. The present House Rules of the Wellness World are freely available and reviewable at the reception of the Wellness World for all guests using the services.
  10. The use of the services also means the simultaneous acceptance of the House Rules.
  11. The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the wellness area.


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